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The Centersource collaboration platform is built by industry professionals along with IT-security experts to ensure the safety and security of the information stored in the platform. The platform has automated and integrated cybersecurity management, policies and protocols to reduce effort and threats. The IT-security team are regularly reassessing the safety and security to be one step ahead of potential threats.


For Exporters

  • Simplify access to new markets
  • Quicker way to calculate CFR price and send offers
  • Trade and Tender products and Tender and book freight in one place
  • Full deal oversight internally and with partners with shipment updates
  • Automated process to generate documents and to share and collect deal
  • Manage Colleagues and their activities

For Forwarders

  • See and participate in more freight tenders
  • See how freights offers are being used by customers
  • Receive instructions and issue documents quicker with decreased risk of mistakes
  • Ability to inform shipment parties about changes
  • Monitor how clients shipments are performing
  • Analysis of business and supply-chain performance

For Importers

  • Find approved and established producers
  • Improved collaboration with partners
  • Simplified process to import products
  • Ensure compliance of company responsibilities and procedures
  • Monitor shipments and supply-chain performance
  • Improved company management and analysis


We at Centersource have set out on a mission
  • Complete process automation Managed Platforms
  • Supply-Chain Visibility Managed Platforms
  • Intelligence Discovery Managed Platforms
  • Accountability & Compliance Managed Platforms
  • Integration to Institutions Managed Platforms
Managed Platforms
  • Managed PlatformsElectronic Documentation
  • Managed PlatformsBusiness Research & Analytics
  • Managed PlatformsMultilingual Platforms
  • Managed PlatformsHigh ROI
  • Managed PlatformsResearch & Improve Profitability
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Managed Platforms

Managed platforms are B2B industry-specific supply-chain platforms we develop and manage independently or manage in collaboration with industry experts.

Do you have in-depth knowledge of your industry combined with an extensive network? Do you want to be the next B2B Saas success story in your industry?

Then our Managed Platform offering is for you. Managed Platform means you run the business side of the platform, hosted on a domain of your choice) and the technology supported and maintained by us at Centersource.

The platform can be fully customized and configured to fit your industry’s unique needs and characteristics. Many processes, tasks, and documentation requirements related to international trade are very similar across industries, which means most of the changes you will make are related to terminology and field values. We have also built Centersource to be very flexible in its configuration options to make it quick and easy to get started with us.

Timber Exchange
Trade, Logistics Analysis & Document-flow Automation

Poultry Supply
Trade, Logistics Analysis & Document-flow Automation

Pulp Supply
Trade, Logistics Analysis & Document-flow Automation

Pellets Supply
Trade, Logistics Analysis & Document-flow Automation

White-Label Solutions

Are you a large company with major export or import volumes? Do you have the power to drive the digitization of your supply-chain? Do you want your own private platform where you can connect all your customers, forwarders or suppliers?

Then our White-label Solution is for you. This offering includes everything our Managed Platform does, the main difference is that your organization is the sole buyer or seller on the platform – depending on if you wish to use the platform for procurement or sales. The platform is hosted on a domain of your choice and supported by us at Centersource. You are free to focus on running your business.

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Custom Solutions

Do you required niche and custom developed digital tools for your specific company or industry needs? We have a wide experience in digitizing and automating the most complex processes in the supply-chain.

Or do you have a solution running which overlaps some of our platform’s functionality? Do you have an idea where our platform’s capabilities could be a complement or part of the solution?

Then our Custom Solution offering might be for you. Each inquiry is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but we have built Centersource to make it easy to integrate with other solutions and believe there are many scenarios where our platform and team could play a big part in adding value to your company.

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Managed Platforms

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