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One of the modules in the collaboration is Export or Import, depending on what kind of user account it is. The platform adapts the visibility of information and data to relevant personnel, in order to make sure that sensitive information is only shown to authorized people. In this module you have full deal management, from calculating prices, adding logistics services and sending offers until the goods have arrived at their destination. There is also a feature called “Demand & Supply”, which is our equivalent to an open marketplace where you can connect to new trade partners as well as allocate volumes from offers to specific countries or customers. Inside Export/Import you will also find “Active Deals” which is, arguably, the heart of the platform (see figure below). Here you can add tracking of goods and couriers, manage payments, upload, edit and view documents - everything concerning a deal. In each deal there is also a smart feature that helps everyone keep track of the progress and every party s own responsibilities - if you forget any deal milestone the platform will notify you.

With this being said, all modules are interrelated as deals data for example is analyzed in “Intelligence” and deals might require logistics services that can be requested from “Logistics”.


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