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Supply Chain Software to CargoX

Benefits with Supply Chain Software

The global economy is constantly changing and so is the way of managing businesses. In the time of digital transformation, which one could argue that we are in now, it is a key factor for companies to use state-of-the-art solutions in order to stay competitive. In the recent years many different supply chain SaaS has appeared, and it is very logical since supply chain management (SCM) is a very wide concept in which many parts are typically managed very primitively.

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The Integrated Partner to CargoX

Centersource Technologies - The Integrated Partner to CargoX

The supply chain industry is a complicated, multi-faceted process that entails everything starting from warehouse activities to logistics. In today’s supply chain management process, business functions require more flexible processes, innovative provisioning systems to scale their operations that necessitate real-time information and intelligence.

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Digitalized Future Trade Strategies

How a Digitalized Future Affects Sourcing Strategy?

Digital procurement will automate many repetitive tasks in order to cut costs and increase efficiency in the near future. Sourcing strategies and many high-level decisions will be increasingly based on analysis of data that is conducted by artificial intelligence. A common belief is that operational jobs will suffer more than jobs of a strategic nature as machines and software get smarter, but there is no consensus on that in the scientific community and many factors are actually pointing to the contrary.

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Innovator at the JOC TPM

Centersource Technologies Debuts as Innovator at the JOC TPM

After the “pandemic”, digitalisation is probably the most talked about aspect of the shipping industry, possibly only eclipsed by the “exorbitant container shipping rates” in the short term.

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Industrial Digital Data

The power of RFID Technology in Logistics

RFID technology has been created as far ago as 1973, however it has only recently gained widespread commercial popularity reaching a market value of over $10 billion and is believed to become ubiquitous in the next decade. At its core, RFID is a data collection technology that can scan multiple sources at once in an instant.

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