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By Joacim

Benefits of using Supply Chain software

June 22, 2021

The global economy is constantly changing and so is the way of managing businesses. In the time of digital transformation, which one could argue that we are in now, it is a key factor for companies to use state-of-the-art solutions in order to stay competitive. In the recent years many different supply chain SaaS has appeared, and it is very logical since supply chain management (SCM) is a very wide concept in which many parts are typically managed very primitively. Administration of logistics and sales are two areas that have been falling behind other areas in digital development of supply chain software. People are still to this day relying on phone calls, emails, physical documents, spreadsheets, manual calculations, shared folders and so on without any synchronized information flows. In other words, fully dependent on a person’s cognitive ability and presence at work.

Centersource Technologies has built a “supply chain collaboration platform” - a supply chain SaaS - that facilitates collaboration between buyers, sellers and forwarders in a B2B environment. There are excellent ERP systems available today, but they do not fully cover the gap that sits between business inquiry until the goods arrive at the place of destination - the part of the value chain that Centersource’s supply chain SaaS is trying to bridge. This gap is actually where most of the communication and coordination takes place between trading partners, yet its importance is overseen by many companies.

In the Centersource platform, which is a shared workspace, there are more than 80 smart tools incorporated. The tools are grouped into managing import/export, logistics, settings and resources to customize the experience, intelligence and networking. The platform is a supply chain tracker and manager with a wide set of useful tools to save its users a small amount of time over many processes via smart information flows and automated activities. The system sends reminders of important dates, alerts relevant people about deviations, allows companies to negotiate offers and tender goods and freight in the same place and takes care of the most important related activities like track containers and drafting and approving documents. The Centersource platform will relieve its users of cognitive stress and the company’s dependency on key individuals as the system tells you if something goes wrong and if someone cannot work it is easy for colleagues to step in and take over.

Centersources’ platform requires only one-time input of data. It might not sound very exciting, but it will save you time, and less entries can be achieved with system integration. This supply chain collaboration platform is not a substitute to any ERP system or TMS, it is a complement and it will help its adopting companies to achieve better:

  • Flow of materials, products and information
  • Vendor relationships
  • Data visibility will contribute to better strategic decisions
  • Control of processes and costs
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Alleviation of delays and mistakes
  • Security and trust

In conclusion, supply chain software will help adopters to become more efficient and productive, and thereby become more profitable and competitive.

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