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Innovator at the JOC TPM
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Centersource Technologies Debuts as Innovator at the JOC TPM

February 23, 2021

After the “pandemic”, digitalisation is probably the most talked about aspect of the shipping industry, possibly only eclipsed by the “exorbitant container shipping rates” in the short term.

Digitalisation of the shipping and freight industry is here to stay and is said to be “Redefining the Future” which aptly is the theme of TPM21.

Centersource Technologies, is proud to participate as one of the “innovators” in the industry and is at the heart of this digitalisation drive.

As an independent end-to-end digital supply-chain automation platform built by industry professionals with significant global experience, Centersource Technologies has been developing B2B supply-chain technology since early 2017, putting in a significant effort and investment to ensure that the platform addresses the complex and non-linear processes faced by global supply chain companies.

The platform automates many of the most time-consuming processes facing supply chain companies today including Trade, Logistics, Documentation, Analytics, Compliance, Accountability, Transparency and Visibility.

While the platform caters to many different commodities, it specialises in the digitalisation of high value and volume supply chains such as the global timber supply chain. The global export value of total forest products is said to be around $270 billion.

Yet, the industry has been plagued by many manual processes which reduces its efficiency greatly.

From trying to work out CIF prices for the product and sending the right orders at the right time to tracking their shipments, close to 80% of the industry are still using following and using archaic technologies like phones and email for sending and receiving orders and sharing information.

Speed to market is crucial in any business and when there are latencies in the supply chain as mentioned above, it affects the efficiency of trade and hampers growth and expansion of the business.

Centersource Technologies’ digital platform aims to eliminate manual processes from the industry and digitalize the entire gamut of manual processes to give its clients the benefits of Predictability and Visibility, Transparency, Compliance with the various regulations, along with the Automation & Collaboration required in this digital world.

Come join us at TPM21 to learn more about how we can work together to enhance your business.

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