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By Ananya

Centersource Technologies - The Integrated Partner to CargoX

June 14, 2021

The supply chain industry is a complicated, multi-faceted process that entails everything starting from warehouse activities to logistics. In today’s supply chain management process, business functions require more flexible processes, innovative provisioning systems to scale their operations that necessitate real-time information and intelligence.

To aid the increasing supply chain pain points, the industry is now presented with an opportunity for innovation and collaboration with digital solutions in the timber logistics sector. Let’s scroll through it.

What Are the Supply Chain Pain Areas?

In the existing supply chain management process, business operation not only requires real-time information and visibility but also needs a consolidated technology to reduce the cost of export/import ownership and reach a sustainable cost structure. Most of these pain points came along because there were isolated areas of inefficiency, delayed service that lacked a well-furnished digital system. Otherwise, the supply chain sector has always been a well-operating network that carried lumber materials to finished goods across the worldwide network.

Let’s Have a Look at The Major Areas of Supply Chain Pain Points:

  • Information technology is not always helpful for improving the supply chain's visibility and responsiveness.
  • Not having a consolidated system may lead to reactive management. The delayed notification of unpredictable events may drive reactive management that impacts the entire supply chain process
  • The uncertain demand may result in excessive inventory and uncertain supply may lead to unpredictable orders.
  • Unavailability of critical and crucial information when required may result in loss of sales, delayed processes, out-of-stock inventories, and unnecessary slowdowns as well as reductions.
  • Utilizing messy paperwork could reduce your productive time leading to a low-value collection of data and manipulation effort.

However, over the years much has changed since the supply chain has moved towards complete digitization of logistics. As the pandemic has pushed the timber industry owners towards a narrow end, there is a silver lining lying ahead of it.

Finally, the efforts to consolidate the pain points have forced the industry to embark upon the technology solution that will sustainably deliver cost savings even after the pandemic is over.

Innovation That Is Transforming the Logistics

To illustrate this, a solution is decided by the Egypt Ministry of finance. We have now brought forth an enhanced collaborative digital platform to eliminate repetitive tasks and speed up customs procedure. The technology will enable an efficient, secure way of exploring geographic and administrative challenges, in importing timber in Egypt.

Egypt established Nafeza, a platform that connects customs and administrative authorities in Egypt with the trade parties including, importers, exporters, shipping lines, and brokers. An Advance Cargo Information (ACI) system was developed to accomplish Egypt’s supply chain goals to carry out a pre-assessment of goods import processes before the shipment arrives at the ports and to ease the customs clearance process.

The ACI system will act as a point of entry to Nafeza assessing shipment for any cargo risk before it reaches the port. While Egypt’s Nafeza is about speeding up customs processes and enhancing cross-border security. Additionally, Centersource’s capabilities and vision are matching with Egypt’s Nafeza target. So, collaborating with Egypt's Nafeza with Centersource-Cargo X partnership development, exporters will be able to upload their documents from the Centersource platform ensuring transparency and accountability between organizations.

All-Encompassing Platform

Centersource thrives to solve all the complex challenges faced by the trade parties while managing customs processes. It notifies in the event of any follies or mis happenings. Users can upload and edit documents. The consolidated platform and automated system are the ultimate keys to get rid of all complex pain points. We’re developing the supply chain interactive platform to ensure that goods arrive at the destination seamlessly without any hassles.

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