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Implementation of ACI System
By Ananya

Implementation of ACI System Is Postponed till October 1st, 2021

June 24, 2021

After careful consideration and in light of the ongoing trial, Egypt’s Ministry of finance made the decision to postpone the mandatory application of the ACI system till October 1st 2021. The implementation date was previously scheduled for the 1st of July 2021, but it was decided to extend the trial period till the end of September.

This is to give importers and their agents of customs brokers, companies exporting to Egypt, and international multinational companies the last chance to register on the new system.

Trade Parties Are Still Facing Unanswered Questions and Challenges in The Trial Period:

  • The long time required by importers/brokers between the registration in Nafeza and Nafeza approval of that registration takes about 3 weeks.
  • The E-token is obtained under personal names; it cannot be purchased for commercial business companies.
  • When will Nafeza apply the upload of excel sheets in the ACID registration phase instead of manual entry of items?
  • Is it possible to change POL after the issuance of the ACID number?
  • Is the legalization of documents no more needed?
  • Are the hard copies of documents not needed as the drafts will be sent through Blockchain data transfer?
  • How will the system accommodate the triangle shipments?
  • What is the role of banks in the ACI system? Will Egyptian Banks accept electronic transmission of documents?

These are the examples of the questions raised by industrial communities that we will try to answer in the upcoming period.

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