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How API is used in Supply Chain Management

August 25, 2021

API (Application Programming Interface) started to appear in year 2000 and became in the last few years more known and heard, but before we dig more in our main subject, let us clear few things:

API Allows:

  • Rapid data transfer between systems.
  • Enable software programs to interact effectively in real time.

How is the API Unique?

  • APIs do not need you to change your data format to be transmitted.
  • API is fast and affordable which makes it available for small and medium-size businesses.
  • API eliminates the need of manual intervention as it automates the workflow.

Supply chains with reliance on the legacy EDI (electronic data interchange) system, a technology that was introduced more than half a century ago to support communication with business partners will eventually lead to a disruption. The rise of concepts like omnichannel 2.0 and on-demand delivery puts a pressure on supply chains to go to a level of performance beyond EDI capabilities.

In Centersource we use API to enhance our digital workspace and connect it with other systems to help your supply chain achieve the best performance

How Centersource uses API in Supply chain

  • Connecting with carriers for the tracking of Containers & Bulk vessels: We use API to receive the carrier’s information and combine it with predictive analytics to give our customers more accurate tracking & real time results allowing the space for more fast and firm decisions plus avoiding detention and demurrage.
  • Connecting with chambers of commerce: We use API for connecting to chambers of commerce in selected countries to allow the transmission of electronic documents: eCO (electronic certificate of origin) or electronic euro1.
  • API to transfer our customers data and information from our platform to their system and the other way around upon request.
  • Internal API is used within the Centersource platform with its layers of connectivity to allow smooth transmission of data.

API as one of almost 100 smart tools Centersource is using to create a digital workspace that brings more visibility & efficiency to your supply chain.

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