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The Centersource collaboration platform is built by industry professionals along with IT-security experts to ensure the safety and security of the information stored within the platform. We are regularly reassessing the safety and security to be one step ahead of potential threats.

The overall security is structured as follows:

Centersource Products are protected with 5 Layers of Security Chain.

  1. DDOS Protection Firewall
  2. Web Application Firewall
  3. Host Based Next Generation Anti Malware System
  4. One way hashing technique to ensure security of confidential data at rest
  5. End to End Encryption 256 Bit Encryption to ensure security of data at transit

Our Products are developed as per combined international application security standards OWASPop10 and CWE-SANS 25 Most dangerous software errors.

Periodic Cross Vendor Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing activity is carried out to ensure model confidence of each product. Nobody has ever been successful in elevating privileges across any products developed by Centersource.

Nobody has ever been successful to elevate privilege throughout our application.

In the figure below some complementary information is found.

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